Men at Play

When thinking about my favorite sites, Men at Play always comes to mind.  For years Men at Play has offered some of the hottest hunks anywhere, all wearing sexy business attire – suits and ties, and very nice suits, at that.  The men are often masculine and European (so plenty of uncut cocks), always well built and sometimes hairy.  You’ll find famous porn stars including Edu Boxer, Paddy O’Brian, Harry Louis, Jessy Ares, Damien Crosse and Colt man Adam Champ, to name just a few.  Did I mention that most of the performers are very well hung?There are oh, so many reasons why I love Men at Play.  The men are soo sexy, and the action has real heat.  Whoever is shooting the videos is professional and captures the men and the sex in a way that really adds to that heat, and everything is lit to perfection, including some of the darker, moodier scenes.  I love the large selection of masculine hunks, often with a day or two of beard growth, their hunky bodies and the sex-at-work and sex-with-the-boss plots.  The fact that most of the performers are attired in high-end executive business attire rather than cheap off the rack suits definitely adds to the reality of the work sex themes, and makes the tops seem powerful and more bosslike, if you see what I mean.

Men at Play currently offers 548 videos that can be downloaded or streamed, and adds a new video every week on Friday, and I really appreciate the consistency.  There are also 146 steamy picture sets.  And to get back to the sex, the tops are forceful and aggressive, the men look like they really love sucking cock – these guys aren’t just phoning it in! – and the fucking is sometimes passionate, sometimes rough, and sometimes just a little kinky.  And who doesn’t love watching a guy getting fucked across his boss’ desk?  An encounter in the office restroom, the breakroom, in the hotel during an out of town business trip.

Nothing in life is perfect.  Yes, I love this site, but I’d like to see some of the older videos offered at higher quality.  They’re not bad, but the video quality doesn’t do justice to the exceptional men and action.  The pages aren’t always the fastest to load, although the streaming vids play smoothly.  The picture sets aren’t dated, so there’s no way to tell how often new ones are added.  And the older vids aren’t always available for mobiles.

The bottom line is that while I’ve seen the member area of over a thousand gay / male sites over the last few years, Men at Play’s performers are some of the hottest men anywhere, and the sex just blows me away – this isn’t just some cheap marketing text to try and get you to buy a membership.  I love this site.  And I can’t believe how they’ve kept the quality of men and sex going over the years.  Some sites run out of steam, but not this one.  If anything, the filming quality has improved, and the men in their suits – and out of them – are pure masculine perfection.

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