Male Model

Some of my favorite gay porn sites may not be exactly porn.  The Male Model is a good example of what I mean.  There’s no videos, no sex to be found and there’s no serious masturbation or cumshots.  What there is, however, is an exclusive and very erotic collection of photo sets of hot jocks and twinks, most ranging from good looking to “Oh, my god!” hot.  The models are mostly Dutch men, and they’re a fairly diverse group, too.  They appear to be amateurs, as many have natural, unshaved body hair including their pubes, although some shave or trim, as well.  And always a plus for foreskin lovers is that there are lots of uncut cocks here.

One of the things that makes this site stand out for me is the photography.  It’s beautiful and it’s sexy.  Often the guys are shot in lower light with light across their bodies to bring out their sixpack abs, the planes of their faces, and it’s got a very artistic feel to it.  And that’s because the site’s owner/photographer knows what he’s doing.  When I say artistic, I don’t mean artsy in an affected way – I mean the pics are well shot – they show off the models so they look their glamorous best in good lighting, showing exactly what the photographer wanted to show.  And my guess is that’s because the photographer loves taking pics of these beautiful men – he’s into the guys, making them look hot and loves photography.

Something else I really like about the site is that it’s updated weekly for years.  There are no dates on the updates, which I would have preferred, but when I’ve checked the site has added a new man on Fridays, and the site owner says that once in a while he may update on Saturday, but usually Fridays are it.  So the site keeps growing consistently over time where many sites have slowed updating or stopped altogether.

With over 500 photo sets, some sexy and suggestive, and others nude and more X-rated, there’s a lot to see here – enough to keep me quite busy on my periodic visits.  On the down side, you can’t download the pics or right-click on the pages except to get a warning that you can’t right click on the pages (*grin*), and there are no model profiles or descriptions of the shoots, which I would have liked.  But what there is here I enjoy enough to make this truly one of my favorite gay sites.

The men at The Male Model are absolutely gorgeous.  Both the models and the photography are worthy of high-end magazines, and there’s no denying the sexiness and heat in the pictures.   The owner says in the future he plans to include behind-the-scenes videos taken during the photo shots, and I’m realkly looking forward to those.   But even if it takes some time to start adding the videos, there’s plenty of well-built and athletic Dutch jocks and smooth, creamy twinks showing off their sweet asses and cocks (usually uncut) in a variety of truly erotic poses and locations, and a new model is added every week.  To me, this site is perfect for when you’re looking for softcore eroticism and want to spend time enjoying European beefcake and sweet, sexy twinks.