My site criteria

Since this is a list of personal favorites rather than a professional review site, what I like is what gets a site listed here.  That being said, there are some things that make it likely a site will appear on MyFavorteGaySites.  Some things that might make a site a favorite includes:

  • Really hot guys who are the type of guys promised on the tour
  • Content with a unique personality
  • Downloadable videos – a streaming-only site could get listed here, but it would have to really blow me away
  • Frequent updates
  • Great navigation (but that won’t make up for boring or crappy videos)

Let’s face it – everyone has categories that turn them on and that don’t, so sometimes I may pass on listing a great site because the guys or the action just don’t d it for me.  That doesn’t mean that site is a bad site, but it won’t be on my personal list of favorites.

Also worth noting is that a site can have a big issue and I can still really like it.  There are a couple sites out there that have terrific content, hot guys, great navigation, lots of personality, good quality content but they no longer update.  There are also sites with awesome content but confusing navigation, or sites that have all the right stuff but updates are irregular.

So keep in mind that these are sites I really like – but they’re not necessarily perfect sites.  I’ll let you know my favorite things about the sites, and any issues, just in case.